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|  Mozzarella Cheese Ropes

 These cleverly portioned long ropes provide a quick and easy way to create a stuffed crust pizza. The long, thin and flexible rope shape is tailored to fit the rolled crust of medium to large sized pizzas.


The 100% pure mozzarella cheese ropes are made from a low-melt mozzarella specially selected for its stretch and hold properties. This provides a controlled melting and great stretch when baked.


Each rope is extruded for greater consistency and individually quick frozen to stop the ageing process. Product loss is virtually nil and offers a big advantage over the handling of any chilled mozzarella for this particular application.


Product Details:

FZ02P1 Traditional Mozzarella Pizza Cheese Ropes

FZ02P2 Analogue Pizza Cheese Ropes


Carton Size:


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