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|  80/20 Mozzarella/Cheddar

Mozzarella is white in colour and provides the stringy, gooey effect which stretches off the pizza when you bite into it.


Cheddar is a slightly darker, more yellow cheese, which has a distinct flavour but doesn't have the stretch properties of Mozzarella.


These two unique properties makes the mix of 80% Mozzarella and 20% Cheddar the perfect combination for use on pizzas.


Product Details:

MC80/2003 Suprimo 80/20 Mozz/Ched

MC80/2019 Marcorella Grated 80/20 Mozz/Ched

MM80/2001 Bizon Grated 70/30 Mozz/Ched

MC80/2001 Chicago King 80/20 Mozz/Ched

MC80/2020 Americano 80/20 Mozz/Ched


Carton Size:

Suprimo / Chicago King / Americano - 6x2kg

Bizon / Marcorella - 6x1.8kg

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