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|  100% Mozzarella

Crafted from 100% Mozzarella, our signature pizza cheese is delicate yet full bodied in flavour.


All our mozzarella is sourced from Europe and the characteristic that defines this versatile cheese is its white colour and clean, creamy flavour.


Our 100% Mozzarella is the ideal choice for pizzas due to its superior melt properties.


Product Details:

MO10003 Suprimo 100% Mozzarella

MA70/3103 Marcorella Grated 100

MM1001 Bizon Grated 100

MO10001 Chicago King 100% Mozzarella

MO10015 Americano 100% Mozzarella


Carton Size:

Suprimo / Chicago King / Americano - 6x2kg

Bizon / Marcorella - 6x1.8kg

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